Born and reared in Houston Texas. Our family seems to be the normal, skip a generation type. My grandmother did the Bluebonnet paintings that hang in my living room. I have ‘the one’ sweater that my Mother knitted.

My earliest memory of ‘doing’ was making clothes for my Ginny doll. Taught myself cloisonne, crochet, cross-stitch, but never could get into finger-painting.

At Trinity University, in San Antonio, TX., I was an Art major and then kids became my creative outlet. Life got in the way and I became an RN. Quilts had long been a fascination, but again life got in the way. When I had ankle surgery in late 1992, I took this opportunity ( 2-3 months on crutches) to teach myself to quilt.

I quit Nursing in 1996 and went to work at a quilt store. Machine applique became my forte. Around 1998 I was asked to teach it. That quilt shop closed in 2001. I have taught at other shops and have done local workshops, but never really went back to work to my husband’s chagrin.

I have since taken over three rooms in the house, including the den, which is now my studio. My want-to-do quilt list is varied, but lately I have been getting more into art quilting and beading. I have also discovered that I like challenges. “Always …Tulips” is the product of the fourth challenge that I have taken on in the past couple of years. The first challenge was actually published in the Spring 2005 issue of Quilting Arts Magazine. See the silly little fish on Page 37.

Biggest regret – I didn’t buy the tee-shirt that said, “No One is Totally Useless, You Can Always be a Bad Example”


Linda working on “Flowering Urn” by Rosemary Makhan.

Linda working on "Flowering Urn" by Rosemary Makhan.

Working on Hawaiian Blues, 2004

Picture of Hawaiian Blues, 2004

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