Always…Tulips – 2005

This was started in Jenny Raymond’s “Sunset Over Keukenhoff Garden” workshop that she did as winner of the Jewel Pierce Patterson Scholarship. It was in her 2005 display at the Houston International Quilt Festival. I call it my ‘back door’ quilt as it did not have to be judged to get in Houston.

A Bead on the Lone Star – 2005

The body of the quilt was a result of a class and a challenge to use string piecing. The reverse applique corners and triangles were a challenge for myself. I got it all together and it just died until I learned about “zingers.” In this case, the thin orange inner border. But, it still called for more… So, it got beaded.

My Cat’s Garden – 2002

At the 2001 Houston Quilt Festival, I walked up to Maggie Walker, designer of this pattern, and said,”Hello, I’m Linda Walker Miles,” to which she said, “Hello, I’m Maggie Walker M…” and that she wanted to see my quilt. The blocks had been done for over a year when we spoke and I finally finished the quilt in time for the 2002 show.

Florida is Lush… – 2003

This was supposed to be a quilt for my best friend from junior and senior high school, who I saw for the first time in 37 years the summer of 2003. The Indian Paintbrush represents Texas and the green the lushness of Florida. I have the negative of the Hawaiian style cut center , so she may get a quilt yet. The quilt pattern is an Indian Paint brush pattern

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